[5x15] Arashi in Unity

As we know, Japanese people are famous for being generous and genius, but the things that I adore the most from them are their loyalty and persistence. 

Only in Japan, you can find a long-lasting groups (be it comedians, boybands, girlbands, or any bands in general, etc) in entertainment that is still solid and active for more than 10, 20, or even 30 years (the alfee, anyone?).

Over the years, any groups activities will follow the same pattern.. A solid and united group on their early years, then ‘individual’ activities temptation comes along, a member (or two) becomes more popular than others, some remember to go back and help boosting their group activities, while some don’t, leaving the group abandon to their disband.

It is not uncommon for any groups to be a solid item (basically buy one get all members package thing) for their first five years, but its extremely rare to find one in their fifteen. And you don’t know how glad and proud I am that Arashi is one of them. 

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10 Epic Moments of Shukudai-Kun  6 - When You're Broke~

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Anonymous sent: Just wanna say I like how calm you are in answering the anon. if I were you I would've just snapped and scolded the anon.

lmao thank you.

I went through a phase when I disliked Nino too, so I understand that anon in a way.

You know, there’s a saying that defensive acts can be offensive too. Getting angry at rude anons may could flush our anger away, but on the other hand can make him/her being more rude in the future.

Actually I received that question earlier, but I’d prefer to answer it when my mood is calm enough. I just simply want the anon not to dislike Nino any further.

Anonymous sent: What makes you like Nino? I'm sorry but I found him really annoying, and I guess arashi would be much better without him

What makes me like Nino? Do you mean the reason why I like him? 

To be honest, I don’t know. I like him because I like him. It’s the same with how I like a chocolate ice cream more than any ice creams, or how I like brown more than any colors. I really have no reasons to like him, and I don’t think you should understand why I like him either.

And with me liking him, it doesn’t mean you or anyone should like him too. Though, I’d be really appreciate it if you can respect my decision to like him. 

Even as his fan, I found him really annoying, so I understand if you dislike him in a way. In fact, you can ask any Nino’s fan, and I bet most of them found him annoying too, albeit in an endearing way. 

But to say that Arashi would be much better without him is pretty harsh, and I have to disagree with you. Arashi is five people, each and every member has an important role within the group. 

If I were to imagine Arashi without Nino, they would become a boring clean-cut group who would just do everything the producers or the hosts in variety shows told them to do.

You can try watching old clips when Nino didn’t dare to talk back yet, and you can feel how awkward and painful it is to see them getting scolded and accepted the insult from the hosts just the way it was. 

I remembered I’ve watched a music show clip when Ohno got insulted for saying that he didn’t think anything when he was dancing, and openly stated that he was normally spacing out. The hosts picked him out, then Ohno apologized and bowed down, and the talks ended boringly at that. 

I may sound biased and exaggerate it a bit, but it’s interesting to watch Arashi when they talk now, because there’s Nino who’s ready to give a snarky remarks, picking up any of his members’ mistakes loudly before anyone/the hosts did, so that they can always talk back and voice out their reasons without being afraid to sound impolite. 

Of course seeing this from an outsider’s view Nino may sound like an annoying brats, but actually he just plays a role to be a dislikeable character in Arashi, to make the group more likeable as a whole.

And there’s always a reason why, despites all of his annoying acts, people still like hanging around him. 

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